Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.

~Thomas Alva Edison

Live, Love, Laugh, Leave A Legacy.

~Steven Covey

Let Us Never Negotiate Out Of Fear. But Let Us Never Fear To Negotiate.

~John F Kennedy

One Step At A Time Is Good Walking.

~Chinese Proverb

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Sally J. Boyle

Whether you are just starting out, building or dividing assets we can help.

There are a few things I know. Today's families' financial lives feel more complicated than ever and many admit they have no idea how to plan for their financial independence. A large majority of retirees regret not beginning their planning earlier. They may have had good insurance, legal and tax advisors but most often these advisors don't work together. This lack of coordination has led to conflicts in achieving their financial goals. Let our comprehensive planning work for you. Contact us for a complimentary meeting to show you how. 

As a Registered Investment Advisor I am bound to serve your best interests first.

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Who is Helping You Raise Your Spinnaker?

by Sally J. Boyle

This past weekend I was participating in an advanced sailing class where we were learning how to raise a spinnaker, those colorful pluming sails that completely surround the front of the sailboat. We were in Boston Harbor, where sailing can be challenging with the wind blocked or redirected by buildings and freighters. But today it was Mother Nature who wasn't cooperating...

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