2020 has been a year marked by uncertainty, but also by conviction – and as a result, many investors are
Every CDFA knows that our relationship in the divorce process can be tricky. Many attorneys find that divorce is a
The Corona virus has dramatically impacted American families’ personal and economic lives. Some have experienced job loss or reduced income,
The Cares Act passed last month to provide economic relief in the face of the current pandemic crisis, provides Federal
When I think back on my early 30’s I realize I didn’t actively give a thought to my savings or
Let’s face it. The college application process is stressful. Most highs school seniors are applying to multiple colleges, writing as
Single Women and Financial Independence I won’t bore you with what you already know and what has already been said.
This past weekend I was participating in an advanced sailing class where we were learning how to raise a spinnaker,
After a long and brutal U.S. Presidential election campaign, Donald Trump has emerged victorious. Equally important, the Republican party retained
Most of us live here in New England because we love the change of seasons. It's always bittersweet when we