In the good old days thieves just went after the green. Nowadays they’re after your credit card information. Why? Because,
Do you know who is on the other end of that email address? It might not be as apparent as
I have advised many clients on divorce and the related tax issues, the majority have been women and invariably, they
We support our children through the bumps and bruises of childhood, the awkward teen years, the stress of college and
As couples move through all the decisions their divorce requires them to make, inevitably they must make a decision regarding
Divorce is so complicated that the decisions regarding college planning are often left unaddressed causing disagreements when they do have
While the new Republican tax legislation is called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) there will be no tax
Let’s face it, everyone hates to move. I want to meet the person who tells me, “I love packing up
I sold my home this month. The home where I raised my kids, the only home my youngest son knew
In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami tore through Japan. 16,000 people died during the natural disaster and many communities are