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We have partnered with industry leaders in technology in both the financial planning and investment management field. Our portfolios achieve optimal returns through diversification, automatic rebalancing and lower fees. Your savings along with our financial planning expertise is Achieve Made Simple.

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We often think of divorce as courtrooms, attorneys, paperwork, and litigation. It doesn’t have to be. We can help you put your family ahead of the contemporary divorce process. Just ask us how.

Main Street Lending Program: $600 Billion In Business Aid

The Main Street Lending Program has been the talk of the town in the business community since it debuted two months ago, but when you read the fine print of the terms of the loan, you may decide to pass up on its stiff terms.

It’s A Good Time To Start A Strategic Financial Plan

After this disastrous -33.5% contraction ends, the nation’s leading economists expect the U.S. economy will grow 14.2% in the new quarter starting on July 1st.
Despite the rise of Coronavirus cases expected as states reopen, the 50-plus economic experts polled by The Wall Street Journal in early June expect an initial surge in growth in the third quarter, followed by a six-quarter slog.

Our Wealth Planning Process Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Financial Planning is about much more than managing your investments. It is about seeking assistance from a certified professional who can help you with the coordination of your income tax, investment, fringe benefit, and estate planning: a Certified Financial Planner who serves your best interests first.

Act By The End of 2020 For A Major Retirement Income Tax Break

A constellation of factors suddenly have aligned to create a major tax planning opportunity for individuals who take required minimum distributions from a federally qualified retirement account or are about to start taking RMDs.

Covid-19 Tax Break Suspends Required Minimum Distribution

In this period of social distancing, many individuals 65 and older are staying home and their expenses are lower than expected. Unexpectedly, this has created a tax break for those who take required minimum distributions, RMDs, or who are are about to start RMDs.

Inflation’s Plunge And Your Retirement Portfolio

Inflation plunged from February, when the Covid crisis began, through the end of May.